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Stop the Fraud, Stop the Disrespect

The World Yong Nian Taichi Federation is an association that is registered in Western Australia. It's history dates back to 1986, which coincides with the first arrival of Grandmaster Fu Shengyuan in Perth, Western Australia.

The Federation was created to promote the authentic Yang Style Taichi, as taught by Grandmaster Fu Shengyuan. Grandmaster Fu devoted more than 30 years of his life to educate the people of Perth the true Yang Style taichi. Many of the people of Perth are greatly appreciative of Grandmaster Fu and the work that he and his son, Master Fu Qing Quan (James), did in this city.

Many of the students understand that any significant development of authentic Yang Style Taichi requires the values that were promoted by Grandmaster Fu's father, being Diligence, Perseverance, Respect and Sincerity. It is these values that define Grandmaster Fu's taichi. To maintain the highest level of taichi knowledge and understanding, students needed to remain by the side of Grandmaster Fu or one of his senior disciples and instructors. If not, their taichi will quickly deviate. 

Over the years Grandmaster Fu Shengyuan accepted numerous disciples, who were supposed to support the family and the family's taichi. Unfortunately some of these disciples have headed off in their own direction, effectively turning their back on Grandmaster Fu and his family, all for their own personal gain.

Recently another taichi school in Perth, the Seven Stars Tai Chi Association of Australia, has been using the World Yong Nian Taichi Federation name and logo to promote their own business. This has been done without the written permission of the World Yong Nian Taichi Federation. It highlights the disrespect that can be shown by another school, as they fraudulently use the World Yong Nian Taichi Federation name for their own personal gain. What is even more disappointing is that one of the members of this association is a disciple of Grandmaster Fu Shengyuan.

To all respected disciples, students and friends of the World Yong Nian Taichi Federation, please help us to stamp out those who choose to disrespect the World Yong Nian Taichi Federation name and the legacy created by Grandmaster Fu Shengyuan.

The World Yong Nian Taichi Federation has always been chaired by a member of the Fu family. Currently Master Fu Qing Quan (James) is the Chairperson of the Federation and he is ably assisted by other respectful and long serving disciples and students. Neither Master Fu Qing Quan or the World Yong Nian Taichi Federation have provided their permission for any other taichi school in Western Australia to use the World Yong Nian Taichi Federation name, or the Fu Shengyuan name. These schools either need to re-engage with the Federation, following its values and rules with respect, or go in their own direction showing no connection to the Federation, Great Grandmaster Fu Zhongwen, Grandmaster Fu Shengyuan, or Master Fu Qing Quan.

Diligence, Perseverance, Respect, Sincerity


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